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The Halloween Retrospect library is happy to offer the following publications as guidebooks on the subject of vintage Halloween collectibles. These publications range from the new softcover books series The Halloween Retrospect, Volume 1 and The Halloween Retrospect, Volume 2 which accompany and support the on-site archive collection of vintage objects. As well, you may wish to visit to an earlier generation of content (previously published online as The Sane Halloween Observer) which initiated some of the discoveries that first countered modern viewpoints . All THR publications differ from the current era’s selection of secondary sources (or survey books) to instead offer some of the first skeptical views about the modern-traditional narratives surrounding the vintage Halloween market that became today’s selection of vintage Halloween collectibles.

Books & Blogs

Official volumes of The Halloween Retrospect are sold via THR’s Bookstore on Etsy (and see links below to currently available digests). Why Etsy? The Etsy store is the simplest solution to manage all applicable regional taxes and shipping options. By this manner, THR also inspects the quality of each book and include inserts – such as 11×17 fold-out posters as well as various cards or puzzles – all shipped in a sturdy box.

Below are some of this author’s research (in both print and blog format) on vintage Halloween collectibles that have appeared since 2014.

New reference 3rd book in vintage Halloween collectibles series by collector, archivist, and librarian at The Halloween Retrospect features Gibson (on cover) Hallmark (haunted houses poster) and fun crossword.

Volume 3: The Halloween Retrospect
(Release date late June 2024)

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Vintage Halloween collectibles guidebook cover of Volume 2, The Halloween Retrospect book series for collectors, researchers, and historians - with this edition featuring articles about Dennison's, Shackman, Rosen, and the German import characters seen here.

Volume 2: The Halloween Retrospect
(Release date December 30th 2023)

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The Halloween Retrospect, Volume 1 is a 2023 book publication offer cited research articles into the vintage Halloween of the early 20th century and mid-century market, acting as a guidebook via articles about those products now seen as collectibles.

Volume. 1: The Halloween Retrospect
(Release date July 26th 2023)

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Toy Tales Collector Spotlight (Friday, February 16th, 2024) interviews The Halloween Retrospects archive library and reviews recent history behind a catalog collection as market history of gewgaws, thingamabobs, whatchamacallits, doohickeys, and holiday kitsch 1900 to 1979. (Illustration from Slack MFG Co. circa 1920's-1930's).

More about the author:
Toy Tales Spotlight: February, 16, 2024

Visit THR’s site blog for a short history of The Halloween Retrospect by Toy Tales.

Detail of Dennison Bogie Books and other Halloween Party bools for the THR blog that offers market data on rare antique and vintage Halloween collectibles.

The Halloween Retrospect’s Blog:
(Research blog began in 2023…)

Visit THR’s site blog for more tidbits and out-takes that didn’t make it to print.

The Sane Halloween Observer, 2014-2023, a blog format publication of research articles, some cited, that pre-date The Halloween Retrospect, may be the first to offer a skeptical look at the holiday narrative surrounding vintage Halloween collectibles.

The Sane Halloween Observer:
(Research blog 2014-2023 )

Visit one of the first skeptical looks at modern narratives of vintage Halloween.

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