A selection of vintage Halloween collectibles for trade include Dennison decorations, Beistle diectus, Gibson lanterns Rosen cards, and more.

The Halloween Retrospect
Trade Options

Trade items offered through library deaccessioning. Shown are novelty and merchandise catalogs available to other collections for research.

Over time The Halloween Retrospect archive library reviews its publication catalog to determine when certain items require removal from shelf inventory (falling outside of scope, existing as duplicates, etc.). However, these may be important to another individual or group, and THR would like to find another home for such information objects that they may lend to research collections elsewhere. The preferred method is by trade (instead of selling).

Below are some initial items that are now available per library deaccessioning. And let it be stated that these are non-mint vintage-used items with degrees of wear. The limited object information is not ideal, but In future will include more details about each item on the website.

Please, serious inquiries only. Thank you.

Library Trades

Library Trades

What is currently available to trade?

The gallery on this page contains items currently available for trade consideration. And at this time the focus is with vintage merchandise catalogs containing Halloween. However, check back in future for further news on The Craw-Bogle Trader for a wider focus on vintage Halloween collectibles.

Is trade the only option? Why?

At this time trade is the only option because the collector has moved toward such methods in an effort to swap extras between modest-budget collectors avoiding the side effects of market hype and reseller activities. That is to say, while everyone may do a bit of resale here and there as necessary to build a collection, the preferred audience here is on collection-builders rather than those seeking nothing more than turnover stock for subsequent profit.

What makes an acceptable trade item?

An ideal trade offers both parties something new to their collection, perhaps both generating something unique from an unnecessary duplicate. THR is interested in items that could fill a gap in a set – such as – title for nearly similar title, era for nearly similar era, content for nearly similar content, etc. As one example, Dennison’s Bogie Book from 1919 would seem to be a perfect trade for another Bogie Book from the 1910’s. As another example, you have a vintage catalog with Halloween but would prefer a vintage catalog with Christmas. And so on and so forth….

How is a trade initiated? How do I get more info on an item?

if you are interested in items in the gallery shown here, and would like more details, because you have an item or two on-hand for consideration as per above (What makes an acceptable trade item?), then contact the archive librarian at [email protected] with the proposed trade.

How is a trade enacted? What is your transaction history?

This collector has traded with connections on social platforms, but, in addition has bought and sold vintage Halloween on eBay and Etsy with a total of nearly 2000 with positive feedback. If you prefer to use one of those platforms for a mutual purchase, that would seem a good way to insure the transaction.


Hallowe’en Exchange for Olde Soul Collectors

An alternative to buying and selling - The Craw-Bogle trader is an exchange venue for vintage Halloween collectible trades.

Discussed in the back pages of The Halloween Retrospect, Volume 1, over the last decade this collector began detaching, as vendor and vendee, from the hype of an inflated second-hand market (wishing to neither buy nor sell in such a landscape). Instead this collector would prefer to make personal connections over these past years for trade – as a way to recapture the modest gifts of olde Hallowe’en. A sample of items (some previously available) are shown below.

If you are an “average collector” – predominantly not a reseller – and have an interest in the possibility of Halloween collectible trades, please see our companion website Craw-Bogle Trader (https://crawbogletrader.com). Please note – this does not exclude some limited options for buying and/or selling of vintage Halloween – but please contact Craw-Bogle Trader to express any alternate proposals.

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