Volume 2, The Halloween Retrospect


Volumes 2 continues the tradition of researching America’s past Halloween marketplace. The guidebook’s feature article examines Dennison publications with significant finds from Framingham History Center. As well, V2 offers information on B. Shackman & Co, E. Rosen Co., and certain German imports (see cover art). 

Official copies of this 9″x6″ softcover 32-page book (with color and black & white illustrations) include poster and 2 timeline cards.

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The Halloween Retrospect, Volume 2


A: Poster, Dennison’s 1909-1935 Autumn Publications with Serial Numbers (see Decrypting Dennison)
B: Timeline cards: (2) featuring witch candy container and black cat lantern. (see Shackman’s 70 / 72)

Letterbox (pg. 4) w/Introduction Statement of Intent, Regarding Source (pg. 5) updates readers with a shortened guidebook introduction to the archive and important information about the library as a means to explain the mission and tone of the publication.

Decrypting Dennison
 Serial Number Guide Featuring Autumn Publication (pg. 10) examines and translates the dashed number system found on print publications by Dennison’s Manufacturing Company. Particular focus is given to Halloween-themed titles from the 1910’s to the 1930’s yet information transfers to your favorite Dennison’s titles. 
Contains 7 illustrations as well as source references. Poster insert.
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Shackman’s 70 / 72
Peculiar Catalogs from the Tens & Thirties (pg. 20) offers a brief history of B. Shackman & Co. with the majority of focus on the numeric system of product catalogs and resulting anomalies. Includes other data for dating vintage catalogs by the company.
Contains 4 illustrations as well as source references. Card inserts.

Skittle or Decor
The New Identity Crisis for Vintage Figures (pg. 24) reviews content of 515+ store-vendor catalogs to consider the question: skittle or decor? Also reviews data concerning the customer-facing side of sales and use.
Contains 10 illustrations as well as source references.
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Trix or Treats at Sears
Rosen in Midcentury Midseason Fall Catalogs (pg. 28) considers Rosen cards in the Halloween candy sections of Sears Midseason Fall Book 1946 to 1954, with a focus on sucker cards appearing in catalog clippings.
Contains 5 illustrations as well as source references.
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The Halloween Retrospect, Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 (pg. 32) begins to develop a reference of keywords across the book series.


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NOTE: The first 100 copies of THR, Vol 2 have small hand-written corrections page 29-32, & an additional note card of explanation, per small edits that didn’t clear the printer’s final run. 

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