Volume 1, The Halloween Retrospect


With research pulled from the pages of nearly 500 catalogs (1900-1979) housed in one archive library, The Halloween Retrospect, Volume 1 is the first in a series of new guide books (in digest form) to offer critical perspective of the traditional narrative surrounding vintage Halloween markets, and by result offering important information to collectors in the field.

Official copies of new 9″x6″ softcover 32-page guide (book with color, black & white illustrations) include poster and bookmark-tallies.

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The Halloween Retrospect, Volume 1


A: Poster, 11×17 fold-out featuring a 1926 full-page advertisement (see Normal Halloween)
B: Bookmark-tallies, a 4 card set featuring cover art by Bindlegrim



Letterbox (pg. 4) | Introduction Positions for Context, Statement of Intent, Regarding Sources (pg. 5) introduces the new guide series with important information about mission and tone of the publication.


Normal Halloween Holiday Novelties & Early Twentieth Century Youth (pg. 10) feature article of the new guide examines vintage Halloween products available to students, mainly via two classroom supply companies March Brothers Publishing Company and Paine Publishing Company. 
Contains 7 illustrations as well as source references. Poster insert.
[For more on this see blog entry: Normal Ad, Bogie Book 1926 and 1926 Halloween Poster].


Western Novelty Co. 1928-1990 Carnival, Concession, & Bazaar Supplies – Colorado (pg. 17) briefly reviews an extensive collection of catalogs (and any appearance of vintage Halloween) housed in Denver, Colorado. 
Contains 3 illustrations as well as source references.
[For more on thi see blog entry: Western Novelty Co.].


Timeline for Witches A Journey of Two Witches: United States & Germany (pg. 20) examines two vintage products, one from the U.S. and one from Germany, that via timelines explores their history as evidenced by the archive’s library.
Contains 9 illustrations as well as source references.


Ornamenten Groteske The Enigmatic History of German Diecuts (pg. 26) reviews catalogs for German embossed paper products to gauge the disparity between modern narrative and vintage print records.
Contains 2 illustrations as well as source references.


Craw-Bogle Trader a proposal for off-market collecting.


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