Close up of vintage Halloween pop-up card circa 1968 by Gibson in the archive collection of The Halloween Retrospect.

Vol 3 Halloween Retrospect

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Volume 3 Vintage collectibles Guide

The next reference for vintage Halloween collectibles is expected for sale in early summer 2024 with The Halloween Retrospect, Volume 3. As with earlier volumes, the newest book in the series will continue to delve more deeply into certain subjects of the vintage Halloween market, offering illustrated data as a result of researching 525+ catalogs of customer/vendor materials from 1900 to 1979. (This message will be updated with a confirmed date when available).

The Halloween Retrospect, Volume 3 continues (as did THR, V2) receiving gracious assistance from other U.S. archivists and librarians – to expand data from primary reference materials. In the third installment, THR is proud of an advantageous opportunity for relevant archive data that hails from Hallmark Cards, Inc. – one of the few historic companies of vintage ephemera still producing relevant collectibles in our modern era! The resulting feature+ article delves into the transformative history of haunted house ephemera – first, the article examines early beginnings of haunted house appearances in early 20th-century imagery, then – second, revels in the artistic reawakening of mid-century paper mechanics (particularly with Hallmark Cards, Inc.), that finally establish the haunted house into a collectible item. And Hallmark fans will love the 11″x17″ fold-poster featuring the company’s Halloween haunted houses 1950-1980.

With remaining space rather limited in THR, V3 – the book closes with a couple of short articles. The first is semi-related to the main topic (of haunted house as collectible) with quick review of sound effects recordings for Halloween 1960-1980. The final article is a bit of housekeeping that would actually fit very well in THR, V2 (regarding publications by Dennison, Shackman, Sears, and of those with German imports), by defining terminology used on merchandise publications, in turn helping us better define objects within that reach the market .

When available The Halloween Retrospect, Volume 3 reference book will appear in publications along with with more imagery, and an etsy checkout link. (Author sells via THR Etsy Bookstore to control stock quality, manage applicable taxes as required, and ship in a sturdy box).

Expected release: Summer 2024 – see publications.

Reference book for vintage Halloween collectibles. The Halloween Retrospetct, Volume 3 features a guide  (and poster) to haunted house ephemera by Hallmark, Beistle, Dennison, Norcross,  and Gibson (on the cover).

The cover of The Halloween Retrospect, Volume 3 features a vintage pop-up greeting card by Gibson circa 1968. (Photograph by Wiley for THR).

Volume THREE: Contents

The Halloween Retrospect, Volume 3

Softcover 9″×6reference book, 32-pages with color and black & white illustrations. Official copies also contain one full-color poster.

Insert A: Haunted House Timeline poster for identification of Hallmark Halloween centerpieces 1950-1980.
Insert B: Puzzle Bulletin I featuring 21×21 crossword “Afterworld Problems” by Robert A. Wiley.


Letterbox (pg. 4) Introduction Statement of Intent, Regarding Source (pg. 5) updates readers with a shortened introduction to the archive and important information about the library as a means to explain the mission and tone of the publication.

Halloween Haunts – Part 1 The Witch’s Cottage and Spook House Additions (pg. 8) examines the development of the haunted house as imagery in a range of ephemera from early 20th-century to beyond mid-century as the haunted house develops from small background cottage to ghost-crammed mansion. The articles examines cultural reasons for the transformation.
Contains 7 illustrations as well as source references.

Halloween Haunts – Part 2 Engineered Mansions and Hallmark Innovations (pg. 14) reviews a number of circa mid-century era collectibles featuring the haunted house, and discusses paper technology (assembly, pop-up, etc.) particularly with Hallmark Cards, Inc., and how this relates to the haunted house becoming a major collectible character of Halloween.
Contains 14 illustrations as well as source references. 

Haunted House Timeline Hallmark Haunted Houses 1950-1980: Poster & Key (pg. 25) offers a visual guide of Hallmark Cards Halloween centerpieces, with emphasis on haunted houses, with photographic survey that includes SKU codes, approximate dates of availability, and size, etc.
Poster insert contains 13 items, and article serves as a key with 1 illustration. 

Haunted Vinyl Sixties Wave of Haunted House Recordings (pg. 27) reviews a small list of sound effects records starting in 1960, and connects cover art with the discussion in previous articles.
Contains 3 illustrations as well as source references.

The Catalog Audience Understanding Readership to Define Content (pg. 29) reviews common terms in vintage merchandise catalogs that one should be familiar when using such references.
Contains 2 illustrations as well as source references.

Index The Halloween Retrospect, Vol. 1 -Vol. 3 (pg. 31).

Once available The Halloween Retrospect, Volume 3 will appear in the publications portion of the website with an etsy checkout link.

Expected release: Summer 2024 – see publications.

PLEASE NOTE: THR does NOT employ AI-generative technology. Content is created by human biological entities to ensure results engage accurate research with mindful artistry.

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