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Reference Books V3

Primary sources & The Halloween Retrospect V3 Do you know where your guidebook gets its data, and will future research be able to use it as a citable source? This question is a continuing concern at THR’s archive library, and it is a distinguishing direction with its own series of vintage collectibles publications – that […]

References for Collectors

Reference Books for Vintage Halloween collectors There are now three editions of The Halloween Retrospect for vintage Halloween collector references on the collectibles shelf. Note again these are not visual survey books but instead collections of research articles that more closely examine focused subjects by way of primary sources that include ~550 catalogs of consumer/vendor […]

Hallmark Halloween: 1970’s

Hallmark Vintage Packaging Part 3: 1970-1979 This entry is Part 3 in a short blog series examining Hallmark (1950-1980) ephemera – mainly assembly, honeycomb, and pop-ups. As stated in Hallmark Halloween: 1950’s and Halloween Hallmark: 1960’s, THR is writing these entries to develop data for vintage Hallmark Halloween centerpieces to assist an article (on a […]

Hallmark Halloween: 1960’s

Hallmark Vintage Packaging Part 2: 1960-1969 As mentioned in previous entry Hallmark Halloween: 1950’s, THR is developing data for vintage Hallmark Halloween centerpieces (those near and bit later than mid-century) to assist an article (on a different yet related topic) in works for collectors’ guide Volume 3 of The Halloween Retrospect. And rather than play […]

Hallmark Halloween: 1950’s

Hallmark Vintage Packaging Part 1: 1950-1959 The archivist-librarian has been seeking data on vintage Hallmark Halloween collectibles now that articles are underway for Volume 3 of The Halloween Retrospect (a research series from THR’s bookstore). And so, as a sneak-peek to future content for faithful readers (noting importantly that this blog is supportive rather than […]

Vintage Inspirations

Vintage Inspirations Developing cover art for The Halloween Retrospect, Volume 2, I remember much of the inspiration came by way of vintage textures, colors, and sales copy found in vendor catalogs – with the cheeky idea that one would view the front or back sides of a vintage collectible dependent on the book’s front or […]

Toy Tales Spotlight

Toy Tales Collector Interview The Halloween Retrospect’s catalog collection is a market history seen through vintage pages filled of gewgaws, thingamabobs, whatchamacallits, doohickeys, and holiday curios (including my personal favorite Halloween) dating 1900 to 1979. Since the library began as a bit of a side-project as a relatively new venture built on past interests, it […]

Rosen Moon Pop

Midcentury Halloween Candies E. Rosen Company’s Moon Pop, boxed with a set of 5-card Trix or Treats sucker holders from the pages of Sears 1950 Fall and Winter Catalog for the Chicago market. One of the shorter pieces in The Halloween Retrospect, Vol 2, (second book in a research series for vintage Halloween collectors) is […]

The Gatekeeper of Data

Mysteries of Source & Credit This entry was bound for a fitful start of overthink, yet the contents are completely topical to the recent edition of The Halloween Retrospect, Volume 2 and to my own experience as collector, archivist, librarian, and researcher. I believe these are important notes regarding vintage data, source, and credit, as […]