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The Gatekeeper of Data

Mysteries of Source & Credit This entry was bound for a fitful start of overthink, yet the contents are completely topical to the recent edition of The Halloween Retrospect, Volume 2 and to my own experience as collector, archivist, librarian, and researcher. I believe these are important notes regarding vintage data, source, and credit, as […]

Dennison Publications

Early Century Dennison Following is a quick glance at some vintage items as companions to the article (and poster shown below) discussing Dennison’s vintage Halloween catalogs (and/or various promotional publications). In “Decrypting Dennison: Serial Number Guide Featuring Autumn Publications” of The Halloween Retrospect, Volume 2 numerous Halloween titles are referenced (starting 1909 to 1910’s and 1920’s […]

Truwe’s Catalog Book

Vintage Halloween Catalogs Looking more deeply within publications concurrent to the vintage Halloween market of the past (circa 1900-1980), it became evident, as an archivist and librarian for The Halloween Retrospect, that popular surveys created in modern times (while visually rich) appear to stray from the historic record. Given that citations in these newer books […]